• Port Safety:

    “Safety First and First in Safety”


    CBRT Safety Rules

    1. No children or animals are allowed within the Terminal premises.

    2. No visitor tours are allowed without prior permission of the Management.

    3. All personnel must wear personal protective equipment’s (Helmet, Vest and safety shoes) inside the terminal.

    4. All vehicles must park in the designated areas and in reverse parking.

    5. Drivers are required to remain in their vehicles while on the terminal-No walking is allowed.

    6. Ride as a passenger is allowed in a vehicle, only if it is equipped with a passenger seat and seat belt.

    7. No riders are allowed in trucks.

    8. Vehicle engine should be turned off when not in use.

    9. Adherence to speed limits inside the terminal which are 10 MPH on quayside, Workshop, crossings, blocks and gates. and 10 MPH in main.

    10. Stop at all STOP sign and use caution at all intersections.

    11. Obey all posted traffic rules, hazard warnings and ‘No Smoking’ signs.

    12. Always switch on your vehicle’s headlights on low beam (Dipper).

    13. Keep your seat-belt fastened when inside the vehicle and driving.

    14. Anyone found driving recklessly on the terminal will be asked to leave the terminal immediately according to banning matrix applied.

    15. Do not walk about any areas. Do not take unauthorized short cuts.

    16. No personnel are to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs, while on terminal premises.

    17. Check your equipment for safety compliance, prior to commencing work.

    18. Do not use cell phones while driving in the terminal.

    19. Video taping or photographing inside the port terminal is prohibited without prior permission from Management.

    20. Refrain from fighting, horseplay, or distracting colleagues.

    21. Please assist us to keep our terminal clean.

    22. Keep all emergency equipment e.g. fire extinguishers, fire alarms, exit doors and stairways clear of obstacles.

    23. Know evacuation plans including designated assembly areas, evacuation routes and emergency exits.

    24. Report job-related injury, illness or property damage to Terminal Management immediately by calling emergencies at: 513-721-1707.

    25. Please report any unsafe/hazardous conditions to Management.

    26. Contractors must comply with health and safety guidelines.

    Failing to follow these safety requirements may result in revocation of access privileges to the terminal.

Any questions please call us at (513-721-1707)