Our Mission

CBR&T provides transloading services for rail, truck, and waterborne shippers and receivers with a commitment to integrity, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our intermodal solutions are customized to meet your unique supply chain requirements using waterway, truck, and rail transportation. Please click here for our contact details.

Strategic Position.

Located at Ohio River mile 468.5, CBR&T boasts a prime geographical location, equidistant between Cairo, IL, and Pittsburgh, PA. We offer excellent support systems and competitive rates for warehousing, distribution, and other services.


  • Three interstates: I-71, I-74 and I-75 provide access to north/south routes.
  • I-70, situated 60 miles to the north, connects the east and west coasts.
  • More than 900 interstate common carriers and 29 freight forwarders serve the area.
  • Twenty major metropolitan areas are within 400 miles and can be served in 1-day truck driving time
  • Thirty additional markets can be reached in a 2-day truck driving time.
  • Rail

  • More than 175 miles of mainline track serve local industry, moving 2 million rail cars per year.
  • Four main railroads serve the industries in the region:
    • CSX Transportation
    • Norfolk Southern
    • Canadian National
    • Short line Rail America(Indiana & Ohio)
  • Water

  • The port of Cincinnati is among the largest inland ports in the nation offering access to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and beyond.
  • Approximately 222 million tons of cargo are transported annually on the Ohio River system—more than The Panama Canal!
  • The Ohio River is home to many major barge companies, with links to 140 other barge lines.