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Comprehensive Port Services Including:

    • Transloading, Warehousing, Shipping & Distribution.
    • Full Service Cargo Transportation via Waterway, Rail or Truck.


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Site History

    • CB&RT’s area was known as Fulton from 1820 until merging with Cincinnati in 1855.
    • Over 900 steamboats were built in Fulton during the 1800’s.
    • The Marine Railway Company outlasted many rival shipbuilders operating from 1839-1919.
    • Famous steamboats built at the site included the Island Queen, The Sultana and The Natchez.
    • The Natchez took part in The Great Race in 1870 as chronicled by Mark Twain.
    • Lumberyards and sawmills proliferated after 1880 as railroads began their dominance.
    • In 1931, Cincinnati Sheet Metal & Roofing Company installed the 30-ton crane still used at this location.
    • During wartime, quonset huts are assembled and shipped from this site.
    • George Steinbrenner’s company owned the terminal before Sawyer Place Co.’s 1980’s acquisition.
    • SPC established the subsidiary CB&RT in 2008 to utilize this inter-modal port.
    • Today, CB&RT serves shippers on 5 continents, spurring regional growth with reduced supply chain costs.